Worthless PEDIGREE Papers, Defunct Companies and Unofficial ‘Pedigree’ Databases

Little Rascals “Pedigrees

Buyers who have been given ‘Pedigree certificates‘ with their Little Rascals‘ puppy may have the prefixes TPC or KR followed by a set of numbers listed on their paperwork.

The initials TPC and KR represent two separate (now dissolved) companies – The Pedigree Club and Kennel Registration – both of which were set up as unofficial databases with no approved accreditation, and therefore neither of them should be confused or associated with bona fide existing and long-established databases for genuine pedigree dogs such as the Kennel Club Breeder Register, Champ Dogs and The Pedigree Database.

The purpose of Kennel Registration and The Pedigree Club is misleading, in the same way that Little Rascals’ fabricated ancestry for their ‘pedigree’ dogs is misleading.

The Pedigree Club

TPC stands for ‘The Pedigree Club‘, a company registered with Companies House in 2014 and dissolved through compulsory strike-off in 2016 [Link].

The Pedigree Club fake pedigrees, Buy My Dog, Andrew Dobson 12 Daleside Close Pudsey, fake company Pedigree club, bogus company Pedigree Club, Bogus Little Rascals Puppies Limited, Little Rascals puppies for sale, Little Rascals Dog Breeders Brant Broughton Lincoln,However, the website associated with The Pedigree Club is still operating from a ‘service address’ (i.e. not a physical office) in Yorkshire. The proprietor of The Pedigree Club, Andrew Dobson, also runs the website ‘Buy My Dog‘, and both The Pedigree Club and Buy My Dog share the same contact number of 07934 097 520 with other businesses [Link].

It will come as no surprise that Bridgett Dickens currently has several litters for sale on Buy My Dog.

The Pedigree Club claims that dog breeders and owners using its service will appear more ‘professional‘, because customers receive ‘a professional-style registration certificate‘ and a ‘pedigree for each puppy‘. It also alleges that the certificates it supplies will  “enhance the sale” of a puppy. It even claims that mentioning “The Pedigree Club” when advertising a litter is in some way advantageous. 

These are misleading claims bearing in mind The Pedigree Club requires NO validation from customers in order to supply certificates – proof of purchase, proof of ownership and proof of ancestry is NOT required which means that any unscrupulous and dishonest puppy farmers, backyard breeders, exporters and puppy traders are able to submit fraudulent details to The Pedigree Club and still receive so-called ‘professional-style‘ certificates, allowing them to pass off puppies and dogs as genuine pedigrees to people who are trusting enough to take the paper at face value.

Unfortunately there are currently no specific regulations to prevent companies like this from starting up and profiting from unsubstantiated claims and public gullibility, but there are laws relating to undeclared income, misrepresentation and false advertising and, most recently, all companies collecting data must be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

Advertising Standards Authority – Reporting

Kennel Registration (Associated with Grace Banks, Julian King, Peter Jones, convicted animal abusers)

KR stands for ‘Kennel Registration’ aka Kennelreg Limited, a company registered with Companies House in 2015 and dissolved through compulsory strike-off in 2016. Here again, the associated website is still active and taking money. 

Fake company Kennel Registration Ltd, Fake trademark Kennel Registration, Fake pedigree database, Julian King kennel registration fake pedigree database,Like The Pedigree Club mentioned above, ‘Kennel Registration‘ operates from a ‘service address’ and claims to provide a working database, but it’s just another opportunity for subscribers to make up any kennel name they like, pay the fee and receive a totally redundant pedigree certificate. The trademark symbol assigned to the website name is unregistered and no application has been made to register the mark.

However, ‘Kennel Registration‘ has had a much more sinister purpose, run by convicted puppy dealers and animal abusers Grace Banks, Julian King and Peter Jones, something that surely must have been known to Little Rascals and which we covered in our post →Business Connections [click to view]

Little Rascals’ Pedigree Certificates

Anyone with a Pedigree Certificate from Little Rascals who has tried to search the kennel names and ancestry will already know that it’s a useless piece of paper, but by labelling dogs as ‘pedigree’, Swindells and Dickens are able to increase the price of puppies without having to carry out the health and breed-specific tests associated with responsible breeders [*Latest]

Dogs with genuine pedigrees are usually registered and traceable through authentic databases, and even a random Internet search of ancestry will often throw back a result. But with Little Rascals‘ pedigree ‘kennel’ names that isn’t possible, because the names they use are completely random and relate to absolutely nothing. 

Knowing Little Rascals like to advertise on every available medium and site, it seems unlikely they would miss the chance to promote themselves on established pedigree websites, such as the Pedigree Database and Champdogs if they were really selling genuine pedigrees themselves (actually, they do get a mention on the Champdogs discussion board, but it’s not favourable [→Champdogs Information Exchange]).

These are just two examples of pedigrees where the lineage/ancestry is fabricated, complete with spelling error for Lhasa Apso 

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Little Rascals Pets Ltd Fake Pedigrees



2 thoughts on “Worthless PEDIGREE Papers, Defunct Companies and Unofficial ‘Pedigree’ Databases

  1. Looking at the pedigree of the Miniature Dachshund The Kennel Club wouldn`t allow registration because they are Standard x Miniatures. Zeus vom Golf and the Roletas mentioned on the pedigree are Standard Smooths!

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