Amy’s Story

This is Amy’s sad story – please read her whole account because Amy’s experience goes a long way to explain how so many decent, honest people are being conned by Swindells and Dickens (we do NOT include Little Rascals’ supporters in that, most of whom are selfish and care nothing about the breeding parents):

“I would just like to share my own personal experience about Little Rascals.

My mother bought her half pug half French bulldog named Lulu from Little Rascals around 3 years ago. So sad as we felt like we had to take her after meeting her. She looked so sad and instantly buried her head in my son’s shoulder as soon as she was picked up.Little Rascals pets ltd, little rascals boston terrier, little rascals french bulldog for sale, little rascals puppies for sale

She was brought out from the back in to the reception/waiting area covered in saw dust. We were promised both parents could be seen but this was not the case when we got there. We decided to bring her home as we didn’t have the heart to leave her there.

When Lulu was 5 months old she ran in to a step that was clearly in front of her and it was then that we learnt she was partially sighted. This resulted in her shattering her shoulder bone which has since been replaced with metal plates.

She is also deaf in one ear and recently her eye sight has got worse and her eyes are now protruding to the point she can not completely close her eyes, which leaves her eyes to become dry and sore.

She also has a hernia which needs to be removed and we have recently just booked her in to have another operation to help her to breath properly as this is something she really struggles with.

I was horrified to learn they are still breeding and selling these puppies and getting away with it. They need to be shut down and prosecuted for the mistreatment and suffering of their animals.

Let me explain how someone like me, who isn’t in the doggy world or has ever been a pet owner before can be scammed by the likes of Little Rascals…

My son was four when he was diagnosed with autism. He struggles with social skills which has resulted in him not being able to make friends. Me and my mum read that animals, especially dogs, are great companions and can really boost confidence in children with autism.

We tried different animal shelters to give a dog a home but as I have three young children the shelters were not able to rehome any of the dogs to us.

This is when we came across Little Rascals. We had great communication with them, asked all the right questions and were happy with what information we were provided with and we were ready to collect our girl.

Upon arrival we were told to wait in reception/waiting room which didn’t alarm me as I just thought it was normal as we picked our girl through the many pictures that were sent to us. They brought her out and she snuggled her head in my son’s shoulder. He fell in love and her sad face was enough to melt anyone’s heart.

When we asked to view both parents we were told her mum wasn’t there, and a dog wondering around the car park was pointed to and I was told “that’s her dad“, then alarm bells started ringing.

There was no way I was leaving her there and still do not regret taking her out of that hellhole. This is when all of Lulu’s health problems started. After that I looked into Little Rascals and it was then I learnt of puppy farms.

So it is very easy to fall in to this trap and now I will do whatever I can in my power to put an end to the likes of Little Rascals”

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5 thoughts on “Amy’s Story

    1. And why wouldn’t you love her to bits? Do you think that makes you special Jayne Spencer? And what WAS special about buying from animal abusers who have now had their licence revoked?

  1. Lucy’s Law is encouraging with regard to the ban on third party sales but Little Rascals put over an image of selling puppies that they have bred themselves, and the public can go there and see the set up (the area that LR make look reasonably OK, not what goes on behind the scenes), and meet the mother etc.etc. So even if third banning comes in they will still be able to go on. We all know the image they try to portray is absolute rubbish, mum will be any bitch they decide looks the part. But North Kesteven Council have ethics as low as the Swindells so won’t worry about the cruelty going on. There is so much evidence pointing to the cruelty that has gone on in the past but I assume it is a case of producing current evidence? It is unbelievable that Chance Pixies lost their case to get them closed down. The plot seems to gets lost along the way. Anybody would think that television programmes exposing their cruelty, national newspapers articles, individuals who purchased sick puppies and fraudulent activities involving pedigrees and other papers would be enough to revoke their license.
    You would think it would be easy to close them down. Why is it not? The RSPCA would probably soon be on the case if Mrs Bloggs up the road treated her one dog half as bad as some of LR’s are treated but they seem to be completely detached from cruelty en masse!
    I am hoping that enough evidence can be gathered to close this awful place down and let North Kesteven know that they are not God. They have a lot to answer for. Is there not one normal person in their set up?


    1. We bought cavaliers from there early 2000 and they both lived to be 9 when they passed away I was heartbroken so went back and bout a shitzu who I truly adored at 4 years 20 months we had to have her put to sleep due to a brain tumour again went back in 2016 bought another cavvy who had caught kennel cough when we got her home took her back to their vets who did treat her but now has been diagnosed with hip displasia and is only 3 £3000 for mri and xray he is insured but can’t claim much more this year so we have to wait till next year to have 1 hip done costing £5000 poor little dog it’s broke my heart managing on medication for now and hopefully he will feel a little better never again from there but glad we got him out when we did

      1. It’s very strange Karen White that, whilst you appear to be complaining about Little Rascals, the url from your email leads back to ‘Amyallen’ in Nottingham. Can you explain that?

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