Thank you to everyone who has come forward with accounts, often tragic, about their Little Rascals‘ puppy buying experiences. We know in many cases that telling your story was very difficult to do.  A number of testimonials are listed below.

We’ve been contacted by people who have lost their beloved dog at far too young an age, people whose dogs have suffered an often far too short life of illness, discomfort and pain, and we’ve also heard from those who were lucky enough to have experienced no real life-threatening problems with their Little Rascals‘ puppy, which is always great to hear.

We know that many people with negative Little Rascals‘ experiences are reluctant to have their stories made public, or wish to stay anonymous, and still more who are embarrassed or ashamed that they bought from this puppy factory. They shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed because the proprietors of Little Rascals have had years of experience deceiving buyers into believing they are responsible breeders. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you have a story to tell, you can contact us (anonymously if you wish) either by emailing nomorepuppyfarms@gmail.com , through this website or via one of our Facebook pages [link].

Many buyers who have had problems with puppies bought from Little Rascals, and people who are critical of their practices, are very reluctant to complain to the local Council and Trading Standards. In some cases this is because they have been intimidated or threatened with legal action. These are idle and useless threatsLittle Rascals can do nothing to stop you telling the truth. Just remember to keep a detailed record of every conversation, communication and complaint.

This is an example of one of their attempts to bully a critic into silence …

Rosemary bond Little Rascals Brant Broughton threatening email sent by Little Rascals employee Lucy Marsden
Little Rascals’ one time employee Lucy Marsden’s threatening email to someone who criticised and spoke out against their breeding practices

It is extremely important that complaints, however small, are sent to North Kesteven council, the local authority responsible for issuing Little Rascals‘ breeding licence. Complaints should also be reported to the RSPCA and, if you believe the council may be unwilling to act on what you’ve told them, contact Trading Standards and your local MP.

Please be assured that details will remain confidential and any complaint you make to the RSPCA, North Kesteven, Trading Standards or your local MP is protected under Data Protection law.

The more complaints made, the more likely they are to investigate.


  • Adam – “We bought our puppy, a Pomeranian, last month, on 28 November 2015. On the 1st December we woke up to find him dead” … read on←
  • Alex – “Bailey is now 9 years old. We bought him at eight weeks from Little Rascals. He came with worms, fleas and kennel cough.” … read on←
  • Amber – “We got a puppy from them on Tuesday, got it home and she started coughing. Found out today she has Kennel Cough” … read on←
  • Angela B – “I went back to Little Rascals with my vet bills. She (Bridgett Dickens) told me if I wanted my money back she wanted the dog back. I said ‘What would you do with him?’ and she said “He will be shot”. .. read on←
  • Angela R – “I adopted a dog from a local rescue, an ex-breeder from Little Rascals. She had swollen, infected legs and eye problems, which have subsequently resulted in the removal of one of her eyes” … read on←
  • Antoinette – “I bought a Westie from Little Rascals. She had pneumonia and brittle bones. We contacted them about papers as we were told she was pedigree – she wasn’t.” read on←
  • Britta – “My husband and I have just met a lady on Lincoln south common with a Cockapoo pup purchased from Little Rascals. She’s absolutely heartbroken that her pup has been riddled with illness in her short life.” … read on←
  • Callum –We bought a chocolate Labrador from Little Rascals and he had to be put down at 9 months old. He came with Campylobacter and Giardia and was later diagnosed with hip dysplasia and bladder/bowel problems.” … read on←
  • Carly – “I bought my puppy from Little Rascals and they said he had a bit of a “cough” but when we took him to the vets he had full Kennel Cough” read on←
  • Cher – “I bought two puppies from Little Rascals. I had no idea before we arrived that it was a puppy farm” read on←
  • Claire –We bought a cocker spaniel from Little Rascals in 2008. Sadly he died suddenly at age five from possibly an immune system disorder.” read on←
  • Dawn – “Sadly my beautiful boy I bought from Little Rascals nearly seven years ago has just been given a month or two to live . He has lymphatic cancer now after years of health problems” read on←
  • Debra C – “I have a client who bought a Labrador from Little Rascals. She’s got everything wrong with her – cruciates, skin, ear and teeth problems. She can hardly walk”  read on←
  • Debra K –My daughter bought her Japanese Spitz puppy from Little Rascals and discovered almost immediately that it had kennel cough. Puppy was also sold with a pedigree not worth the paper it’s printed on.” read on←
  • Emily – “Bailey was born in February 2016 and we bought him from Little Rascals in May 2016. He was very poorly from the minute we brought him home.” read on←
  • Emma – Emma bought two Dachshunds from Little Rascals in February 2011, one has developed Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) read on←
  • Faadil – “I bought a Westie from Little Rascals. When we brought her home she was coughing and pooing blood. The vet diagnosed her with having bad kennel cough and gave her antibiotics. The vet said that her birth date was completely wrong.”read on←
  • Graham – “Do not buy from Little Rascals. I bought a Westie on 12 July and so far he has cost me £945.00 in vet bills for a kidney infection.” read on←
  • Heather – “I got my dog from Little Rascals. She is a Dachshund and she goes lame every few weeks.” read on←
  • Helen – “I visited Little Rascals five years ago and felt physically sick at what I witnessed. Pen after pen of puppies and one thing that really sticks in my mind…”  read on←
  • Jessica – “I bought a puppy from Little Rascals as I didn’t know what I was doing. She was so ill for months.” read on←
  • Joanne – “Speaking as a breeder, I just don’t understand puppy buyers who can go to Little Rascals and choose a puppy ‘off the shelf’, so to speak. I’m currently planning a litter and have spent a fortune on health tests” read on←
  • Katrina – “We bought a Chihuahua puppy from Little Rascals. We didn’t realise it was a puppy farm. She is very poorly and off to the vets today again for the third time.”read on←
  • Kaylie – “I bought a puppy from Little Rascals last year (2014) and he had a very bad stint when we got him home with digestive issues. He was terribly underweight and it turned out he had parasites – one which the vet had never seen in a dog, only in chickens and sheep!”read on←
  • Kelly G – “I bought my pug cross from Little Rascals. Even before we got home he had diarrhoea twice in the car. He continued having diarrhoea with blood in it as well then started vomiting and was so lethargic. We were told he had parvovirus and was in the vets in quarantine for 5 days on IV’s.”read on←
  • Kelly M – “My four year old cocker spaniel Chester sadly passed away from heart failure on Saturday. He was diagnosed last year and the specialist was 99% sure he was born with the heart condition and recommended I contact Little Rascals and suggested Chester’s parents weren’t bred from again.” read on←
  • Kelly P – “My mother bought a Pug Cross Shih Tzu from Little Rascals. He has been in the vets with extreme dehydration and is very lethargic. He is depressed and is not a happy puppy at all.” read on←
  • Kirstie – “My little girl was poorly when I brought her home from Little Rascals. She had to have antibiotics for an infection. She is constantly at the vets because she suffers from a very sensitive stomach.”read on←
  • Laura L – “I got my dog from Little Rascals. When I asked to see the mum, she was gone ages and eventually brought the so called mum out and NEVER put her on the floor. Within the first week of having him he was coughing, not eating or drinking etc, so I took him to the vets.”read on←
  • Laura S – “We have a Little Rascals puppy and love her dearly but have had many issues with her. She is six months old and we are at the vets weekly. She came with an EU passport but Little Rascals had said she was bred there (Lincoln).” read on←
  • Leanne – “I bought my boxer pup from Little Rascals. They said she was 12 weeks old. She weighed just 2.2kg. There was no mum around but she was in with another bitch which they said was her ‘sister’, and three other pups. After bringing her home she was admitted to the vets with Parvovirus and also developed various skin allergies, eye lashes that grow inwards.”read on←
  • Lisa –I hated going to look at a puppy at Little Rascals. It was last summer and it was a very hot day with two girls laid on concrete heavily pregnant looking exhausted. They showed me the mini Schnauzers and they looked awful along with the other breeds of dog they had.” read on←
  • Louise – “Little Rascals lie about being able to see the mother or father.  We went to see our Cockapoo but no parents were to be seen. They said she was 12 weeks old but the information on her paperwork makes her 20 weeks old . Once I had paid they gave me a passport with some Irish place on it.” read on←
  • Lynn – “Molly did not respond to the antibiotics and five days later, whilst still on the medication, she became very ill. We took her back to the vets and they were very concerned and suggested X-rays under a general anaesthetic. We left Molly with them, and that was the last time we saw her. I contacted Little Rascals to inform them. I spoke to Edward Swindells and was met with a tirade of abuse”read on←
  • Matthew – “We bought a Cockerpoo from Little Rascals. She had Kennel Cough, Ear mites, bad eyes, diarrhoea, blood for three months.”.read on←
  • Michelle – ““I rang Little Rascals to enquire about a Basset pup. When I arrived, I was led to a cage where my puppy was. I handed over the money and they said they would post the papers (which I never received). Sadly Bonnie died at just 9 months old.”.read on←
  • Nicola A – “We bought a female Beagle puppy from Little Rascals and were told by an employee that the puppies were separated at four weeks of age. She had Kennel Cough and a serious case of mites. We were assured by Little Rascals that all vaccinations would be completed and puppy would be wormed and treated for fleas. This was not the case.”.read on←
  • Nicola H – “We unfortunately fell in to Little Rascals‘ trap . Our beautiful girl was extremely poorly when we took her home. She had the Giardia parasite, horrendous mites in her ears and scabby skin, that’s when we realised it was a puppy farm.”.read on←
  • Rachel – “We bought a lovely little Beagle puppy from Little Rascals but she quickly became very ill and needed to be hospitalised with severe vomiting and diarrhoea (passing lots of blood both ways). Our vets did all they could to keep her hydrated and manage her pain but we had to let her go. Little Rascals told me blatant lies that they had contacted the other owners of the litter and claimed none had any problems! They verbally abused me over the phone for daring to find the owners of the rest of the litter.”.read on←
  • Rachel S – “Only just found this page years after buying my Labrador from Little Rascals. She was very sick and underweight when we bought her. Thought I would have a look to see if they were still trading and shock horror they are.”.read on←
  • Rob – “I bought our little Japanese Spitz from Little Rascals in October 2012. She developed a severe cough on her second night and Little Rascals told me they had NEVER had a complaint of this nature before. She would have died if it wasn’t for the hard work and skill of our local vet.”. read on←
  • Sophie – “I bought a long haired dachshund from Little Rascals. When I got I asked about the mum but was told she was too tired for me to see her and I could come back another day! I stupidly didn’t see the warning signs. Penny had to have her jabs re-done and also had A LOT of worms. Then she developed pneumonia, and an underlying genetic disorder was also found as she had Myasthenia , a disorder where her body attacks her muscles.”.read on←
  • Summayah – “My mum got her pug from Little Rascals, supposed to be pure bred but wasn’t. She got him home to find he had ear mites and other problems that cost a bomb in vet bills. We never saw any stud dogs or bitches at the place”.read on←
  • Summer – ” My story is a Bichon Frise puppy bought from Little Rascals. He only reached 10 weeks old. In the short time we had him we watched him suffer 24 hours a day blood constantly coming from both ends.”.read on←
  • Tara H – “We bought a puppy from Little Rascals. As first time puppy owners we thought it was a private seller until we arrived, but then I couldn’t leave her there. She became ill within hours of taking her home.”.read on←
  • Tara S – “Maya came to us through a rescue in February 2014. She was an ex-breeder of Little Rascals. She was shaking and withdrawn. I have met many dogs over the years and have owned enough cocker spaniels to know what their ‘typical’ behaviour should be – Maya displayed none of this behaviour. Her coat was matted, she had scabs in her ears from mites; she had to have teeth removed that were rotten. Our vet also discovered stitches in her womb which would point to a caesarean section – this would have spelled the end of her life as a breeding machine as she was no longer profitable. Maya also had scars on her face consistent with a dog bite. “.read on←
  • Toni – “Little Rascals (Bridgett Dickens) said my puppy had been flea’d and wormed before but my vet said that was very unlikely because she was only 8 weeks old with fully grown adult worms. Two days later and we were back at the vets as she had Kennel Cough. I rang Little Rascals to let them know and they really couldn’t have cared any less! They said “Well you can bring her back for us to treat her or you can return her” Return her?? She isn’t a pair of shoes!! … read on↔
  • Yvonne – “We bought our Cavapoo from Little Rascals. When we got him home he was restless and started with the diarrhoea which included a little blood. We got home and I rang them to be told by them that it’s because he been taken away from his siblings, and to feed chicken and rice. Before we left I had noticed something brown on the other boy puppy’s face which I now think must have been faeces that they hadn’t cleaned off properly before they brought them out. The diarrhoea continued through the night and we were at the vets next day. He was given antibiotics, Canikur paste and Panacur in case he had worms. He was eventually diagnosed, after poo samples were taken, with Coccidia. Antibiotics were given again.”.read on←