How low can they go?

If Swindells, Dickens and Allen could legally auction puppies on eBay, they would jump at the chance if this is anything to go by

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‘Jugalier’ Puppy advertised by Little Rascals Pets Ltd (Edward Swindells, Amy Allen) on Freeads classified selling site. This puppy can be purchased by anyone via PayPal or by making an ‘offer’. No checks, no questions.

Absolutely anyone , no matter who, what or where you are (even a Convicted Animal Abuser), can purchase a puppy from Little Rascals, absolutely no questions asked – guaranteed – and if you can’t be bothered to visit their premises, then you can have a puppy of your choice delivered to any address you choose, including overseas.

In addition, if you don’t like the asking price, you can make Edward Swindells, Bridgett Dickens or Amy Allen an offer, because to everyone at Little Rascals that little puppy is merely a piece of excess ‘stock’ that needs to be sold quickly. 

In this particular instance the puppy is being advertised as a ‘litter’ and with ‘both parents available for viewing’. Both claims were untrue.

All ten images on the above advertisement (click on image to view) are of the same puppy, and she has been advertised for some time on their Facebook page, website and classified ads.

Sadly for this little puppy, she is now ‘unsold stock’ that’s been hanging around too long and needs offloading asap, and will therefore be older (and bigger) than she appears in the photos. Because of this she will also have the added disadvantage of receiving very little time or effort on her mental and physical welfare because she has now become a drain on their profits.

Whether she was born on their premises is unknown because, in spite of the fake claims that all Little Rascals puppies are now bred and sold on their own farm, we know they consistently ‘buy in’ puppies and dogs – confirmed recently by someone who accidentally messaged us believing we were Little Rascals themselves. 


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