Banning the Sale of Puppies to Pet Stores AND Third Parties

Just over 100k signatures – but PLEASE keep it going.

Little Rascals Pets Ltd, Swindells Livestock Ltd, Little Rascals Puppies for Sale, Bridgett Dickens Little Rascals, Edward Swindells Little Rascals, Amy Allen Little Rascals, Andrew Peden Little Rascals, Little Rascals Puppy Farmers Lincoln,

Please also remember that licensed breeders like Little Rascals have a PET SHOP Licence, which enables them to sell puppies to pet stores (such as Natureworld in Rotherham) and other UNDISCLOSED ‘third parties’.

This petition is aimed at stopping the sale of puppies BY third parties and to ensure that ALL puppies are seen IN THE PRESENCE OF THEIR MOTHER.

All Little Rascals puppies up for sale are kept together, entirely separate from their parents and, in spite of claims that ‘mum and dad’ can be viewed, that is often not the case because the parents are not on the premises.

We already know that it isn’t possible for Little Rascals to legitimately claim all puppies are bred on their farm because, by their own admission (and documented in official court records) they admit to buying puppies from external suppliers, and we also know they buy puppies from unrecorded sources, even travellers.

PLEASE sign and share this petition, not only for the sake of the puppies being churned out 24/7, but for the dogs used for breeding.


#BenLakePlaidCymru, #CarolineLucasGreenParty, #JimCunninghamLabour, #LucysLaw, #MarcAbraham, #PeterEgan, #PupAid2018, #RickyGervais, #ZacGoldsmithConservative,

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