The Bolands

UPDATE – 14/06/2020

Courtesy of Ireland’s Cruelty to Animals Exposed (ICE)

Moate, Co.Westmeath
14th June 2020

Bolands notorious puppy farm hit the headlines in todays Sunday World, in a 2 page article by Patrick O’Connell.

Judging by the pictures it looks like this reporter did not receive a warm Westmeath welcome on his visit, it looks like he got chased out of town.

Mary Boland who claims “its not a puppy farm, its a dog breeding establishments” is no stranger to the law. She was convicted in 2018 of impeding, obstructing and interfering with the Offaly county vet and the female county warden, when they previously attempted to carry out inspections.

Officialy closed by Offaly county council on February 14th 2020, they have been operating without a licence since July 2019 when Offaly County Council did not renew it.

This puppy farm needs to be shut PERMANENTLY.”


Bolands Puppy Farmers Trading Illegally
Bolands Puppy Farm

UPDATE – 02/02/2020

The Bolands – once Europe’s biggest puppy farmer, good friends of Little Rascals proprietors, Swindells and Dickens, finally have their breeding licence revoked.

Puppies sold by Swindells and Dickens over the years came from this hellhole ….…/ispca-welcomes-decision-to-remove-puppy-…

The well known Boland puppy farm in Offaly, once Europe’s biggest puppy -breeding facility, has lost its licence.

The ISPCA welcomed the decision to remove John Boland’s puppy farm license as they were concerned for years over the large number of dogs kept on the premises and the conditions they were kept in.

The latest development comes after several efforts by Offaly County Council to oblige Boland (64) to comply with the Dog Breeding Establishments Act, resulting in a court order in July 2017 which halved the number of dogs he was allowed to breed.” (courtesy of – read on)

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According to ex-employees, the proprietors of Little Rascals (Swindells and Dickens) have been supplied with puppies bred by the Bolands over many years.

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John Boland Snr, Mary Boland, John Boland Jnr. Ireland Puppy Farmers

Presumably the licence issuers, North Kesteven Council, and Little Rascals‘ puppy insurance suppliers, Petplan, were well aware that dogs had been regularly imported from Ireland by Dickens and Swindells, including from this notorious puppy farm.

It had been pointed out to Petplan on many occasions that Little Rascals were constantly breaching the Breeders’ Scheme policies (which preclude imported puppies), yet Petplan seemed content to let it happen, in spite of their alleged ‘concern’ about the welfare of dogs.

Profit before animal welfare – every single time.

The Bolands have had the dubious label of being the biggest puppy farmers in Ireland, if not Europe. Not a label that normal, moral people would be proud to have.

Although the Daily Mail investigation and article below date from 2008, nothing had changed. In fact, the Boland’s sordid business expanded and grew and they still couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of them.

Only when the public stop buying from multiple breeders and puppy factories – who in turn are supplied by depraved puppy farmers like the Bolands – will these sorry excuses for humans go out of business.

From Daily Mail investigation:

Unsurprisingly, Mr Boland Jnr was not in the mood to answer any questions when we called on him this week – ‘I’ll tell you what you can do, you can get off my land, get out of my house, and f*** off back to England. F *** you, f*** off back to England,’ he said, before giving us the V-sign for good measure.”


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