Toni –

“I very stupidly bought a puppy from Little Rascals. First time owner mistake, I didn’t research where I was going (my own fault). I took my new pup to my own vets for a puppy check with all the paperwork I was given.  My vet asked where I had got her from so I showed him the paperwork. He confirmed my fears and said I had bought her from a puppy farm and he said he was shocked as he hadn’t seen a puppy from them for a while and thought they had been closed down.

Little Rascals (Bridgett Dickens) said my puppy had been flea’d and wormed before but my vet said that was very unlikely because she was only 8 weeks old with fully grown adult worms. Two days later and we were back at the vets as she had Kennel Cough.

I rang Little Rascals to let them know and they really couldn’t have cared any less! They said “Well you can bring her back for us to treat her or you can return her” Return her?? She isn’t a pair of shoes!! I was informing them of Kennel Cough as I thought her siblings would need to be treated. They said they would let the kennel manager know so they could treat them but lord knows if they have! 

I was terrified that my puppy would come down with parvovirus or whatever else is lurking at their grounds. I truly feel ashamed of myself for buying from a puppy mill and it’s no one else’s fault but my own.

I had seen an advert on Freeads for full pugs, which linked to Little Rascals website. The ad was for fawn pugs so I rang them and they said they had two different litters. We travelled all the way from Hull to look at the puppies but when we got there they didn’t have full pugs, only 7/8 and pug crosses. The woman who owns it (Bridgett Dickens) wouldn’t show us this litter at first, it was the guy who runs the website (Andrew Pedden) who mentioned them as the girl I had wanted had already had a deposit placed on her by another customer. We were about to leave and go home when they mentioned about the pug crosses.

We asked to see mum and dad. They never brought either of them out and said the mum was with the other puppies. They only brought our puppy and two brothers out. I fell in love with her. She is a Pug X with a French bulldog.

Believe me, myself and my husband feel so guilty but as he says, she is in a loving home now and that’s what counts. 

Bridgett Dickens took our puppy away to flea and ‘worm’ her then came back and told me to expect blood in her poo. So I asked what she meant by that, ‘like little bits?’ and she replied “no, as in a bloody poo. its normal and will clear up after a few days”.  I knew this wasn’t right so when my vet did her puppy check I mentioned it to him and he said that this was most likely said because they’re obviously aware of something on the premises and said it just to cover their own backs.