Summer Wright:

“Just would like to share my story. I never got any justice for this little one. A Bichon Frise puppy bought from Little Rascals. He only reached 10 weeks old. In the short time we had him we watched him suffer 24 hours a day blood constantly coming from both ends.

He had no energy and was in a visible amount of pain. We made his short little life as comfortable as possible, he even used to try and play with us regardless of his pain! The vets tried to help but unfortunately couldn’t. Then on Valentines day , he was dying in my arms in a lot of pain. I had to leave him in the care of the vets. He then died alone. This was all due to poor breeding conditions. Dogs being kept only for a life of breeding. No love or care. Creating puppies who just simply aren’t strong enough and are just “money makers”.