Matthew Doody: 

We bought a Cockerpoo – well as it turns out a Poodle with a hint of Cocker in her. Was told she likes honey on her breakfast, but that turns out it was to hide the Kennel CoughEar mites, bad eyes, diarrhoea, blood for three months. Took all the enjoyment of having a puppy away from us.

She’s a lovely puppy with so much love to give. But with the cost of vet bills etc it would of been cheaper to travel further and avoid Little Rascals. Since buying her I’ve found old school mates who have also done business with Little Rascals and their stories are not much better than mine.

As much as I love this puppy, I just wish we’d known what was instore for us. The only way we can stop them from doing this is if people avoid doing business with them. But I’ve heard they’ve changed there trading name three times already?”