Louise Stubbings:

“They lie about being able to see the mother or father. Unfortunately we were conned too. We went to see our Cockapoo but no parents were to be seen. Once we had seen our little girl we couldn’t leave her there any longer.

Our little Honey was in a pen with about twelve other Cockerpoos and they looked identical. Honey was different looking, I would say more Cocker Spaniel looking than Poodle, but she has Poodle fur , kind of!

I have taken Honey to our vets and I broke down when I explained everything, and said how ashamed I felt, but I just couldn’t bear to leave her at that place a moment longer.

Little Rascals said that she was 12 weeks old but the information on her paperwork they gave me states her date of birth as 9 January (making her 20 weeks old) . Once I had paid they then gave me a passport with some Irish place on it. Again I felt sick with the thought of how her poor mother was and how she had been treated.

When our Vets checked Honey out they said she looked fine, but gave her another injection to make sure. She was also given some worming tablets and they said they didn’t think she was 20 weeks old but more like 12 weeks old, so I’m still not sure of her age.

She was sick three times in the car on the way home, and when I cleaned it up it was just full of sawdust! Goodness knows how much the poor little thing was fed, and was eating sawdust because she was so hungry.

Thankfully we have cared for her and she is doing well now, but this place is really misleading and dreadful. I fully intend to do my best to make sure Honey has an amazing life and hopefully she will be happy and healthy. I have bought her some good quality food and will be taking her back to the vets in four weeks to keep an eye on her. 

I have told the RSPCA in Lincoln and the man from Preloved site is looking into this as well. It just breaks my heart to think they are still in business.”