November 2014

From Laura Lindley:

“I got my dog from Little Rascals. When I asked to see the mum, she was gone ages and eventually brought the so called mum out and NEVER put her on the floor.

Within the first week of having him he was coughing, not eating or drinking etc, so I took him to the vets. He had Kennel Cough and it cost me over £100 at the vets. He seemed to be getting a little better, until one night where he couldn’t stop coughing and was struggling to breathe. I stayed up all night until the next morning and got him in at the vets asap. They had to increase his dose of antibiotics, they also said if we didn’t act as quick as we did it could have been fatal. I since have spoken to two other ladies (who I don’t personally know) and they have experienced the same.DACHSUND with severe health problems bred and sold by Little Rascals dog breeders brant broughton Lincoln

I emailed Little Rascals and they told me “this sort of thing never happens but were very quick to offer me half the money towards the vets bills, and also, funnily enough, they said the same thing to the other ladies!  

Jack also has a deformed leg from birth which we’re told will eventually need operating on (my own vet said about £4000) but their vet (→Orchard House) declined to say how much as they said they couldn’t do the operation! 

My vet had noticed one food stuck out more than the other and said it would eventually need surgery, so I again contacted Little Rascals and they said they wanted their vet to look at him. We had to travel all the way to Lincoln and, as soon as I walked in the vets (→Orchard House), I knew it was going to be a pointless visit. The attitude was appalling and the vet himself was pointless. He  said he didn’t know how any vet would do that particular procedure, but it’s been done a number of times on Super Vet, so we just walked out.

I visited Little Rascals four times before collecting my Jack and not once did I see any of the pups with mums or dads.  Do not buy from them please.”

NOT HOME BRED Laura Lindleys photo taken on visit
NOT Home Bred – Photo taken on a visit to Little Rascals, Brant Broughton, Lincoln. Kennel with mixed breed puppies with no mothers in sight.




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