Laura S

Laura messaged us in April this year (2015) about her own experience with Little Rascals.

If it wasn’t for Laura we wouldn’t have known, at the time, that Paddy Dooley was a supplier of puppies to Little Rascals. She sent us documented evidence and we were then able to make the information public knowledge, which in turn prompted more people to came forward with EU Pet Passports and paperwork leading back to Paddy Dooley and his vet, T J McDonald, who is based in Tullow, County Carlow.

In the end Laura didn’t feel she wanted to contact Little Rascals about her puppy, partly because Poppy is obviously already an adored member of the family, but mostly because she has seen how Little Rascals deal with complaints. As she has said, ‘who in their right mind would return a puppy for their money back or a ‘swap”?

From Laura: 

“We have a Little Rascals puppy. We love her dearly but have had many issues with her. She is six months old and we are at the vets weekly.Little Rascals Lincoln Golden Cocker Spaniel, John Boland Snr Puppy Farmer Ireland, John Boland Jnr Puppy Farmer Ireland, Mary Boland Puppy Farmer Ireland, Bridgett Dickens Dog Breeder Little Rascals, Bridgett Donna Dickens, Peter Dickens Little Rascals, Peter William Dickens, Edward Swindells Dog Breeder Little Rascals, Edward Swindells Auctioneers,, Edward Robert Dickens, Little Rascals UK Breeders, Little Rascals Pets Ltd, Penny Swindells Dog Breeder Little Rascals, Edward Dickens Little Rascals, Tina Waterfall Little Rascals, Tina Waterfall Swindells, Amy Allen Little Rascals, Lucy Marsden Little Rascals, Aurel Cirpaci Little Rascals, Angelo Cirpaci Little Rascals, Julien Anderi Little Rascals, Sue Ashby Little Rascals, , 9181334, vat 198728246, Little Rascals Pets Ltd OFFICE M153 VILGLEN HOUSE BUSINESS CENTRE ALPERTON LANE WEMBLEY MIDDLESEX ENGLAND HA0 1HD, Little Rascals Brant Broughton Lincoln, Little Rascals Brant Broughton UK Puppy Farm, Little Rascals Brant Broughton UK Puppy Factory, Little Rascals Brant Broughton UK Puppy Mill, Designer Dogs, Designer Breeds, Pedigree Dogs, Pedigree Breeds, Kennel Club Registered, Stud Dogs, Ireland Puppy Farm, Paddy Dooley Kilkenny Road Freshford County Kilkenny, Paddy Dooley Canine Breeders Ireland Ltd, Gerry Smyth Canine Breeders Ireland Ltd, Gerry Smyth 25 Rellan Rd, Rosslea, Michael McKay Dungannon County Tyrone, Michael McKay Canine Breeders Ireland Ltd, Jonathan Hamilton Canine Breeders Ireland, David Hamilton Canine Breeders Ireland, Furnish Kennels 83 Clabby Road Fivemiletown, Jonathan Hamilton David Hamilton Puppy Farmers, BBC Scotland Dog Factory, Liz Baird Puppy Dealer, Orchard House Vet Metheringham, Neale Richards BVSc MRCVS, Nicola Williams BVetMed MRCVS, Little Rascals are proud to announce,

She came with an EU passport, and we thought that odd as they (Little Rascals) had said she was bred there (Lincoln). We feel stupid now, but we didn’t see mum or ask the right questions, and by the time we knew about the passport and mum not being on site we were already besotted. We had recently lost our dog of 15 years and just wanted Poppy out of there and home with us.

We have all the paperwork they gave us still; we Googled every bit of info afterwards and obviously it doesn’t all add up. If we can help with anything specific please let me know.

We would stay well clear knowing what we know now and will do what we can to help, we don’t mind our name and circumstances being used to help.

Little Rascals told us she was born on 1st October  2014. We took her home on the 20 December and they said she was 11/12 weeks old at the time. They said she’d had her first vaccinations – our vet hasn’t disputed this and we have a vaccination card which also isn’t disputed. She came microchipped which has been checked and re-registered to us, so all ok on that part, at least as far as we know.

The certificate she came with showing her parents was very obviously made up [Pedigrees], but we didn’t get her with any intention of using that information for anything, though we do still have it. The passport had an Irish vets name and stamp in it (T J McDonald, Tullow, County Carlow).

When we arrived to look at her (and hopefully take her home) she had sawdust in the bottom of her eyes. They cleaned them out and said they had put an antibiotic drop in them. She clearly has some Entropian going on, and our vet has tested her eyes for infections and they are all clear at the moment – they just leak A LOT !

Poppy threw up all the way home. This could have been car sickness I suppose, but we discovered two weeks later, after stool samples and blood tests, that she had Campylobacter. My husband caught it and was very unwell.  

We only feed her dried food so I suspect what they were being fed on wasn’t properly cooked, poor quality or unhygienic, so it’s possible all the puppies she was with had it too, although they gave us dried food to take away and said that was what she was used to. 

Poppy was on antibiotics for four weeks and then the stool sample came back clear, but four weeks later we find ourselves having to have her tested again because she has probably had only ten solid bowel movements since we got her home. We are currently waiting to see what these tests show up, and in the meantime she is on more antibiotics and a paste which hardens things up.

She is a lovely little thing, if not a little cranky, but at six months that’s probably to be expected. She doesn’t deal well with being left at all, which leads us to think she was taken from mum way too early, but hopefully, slowly, we can build that up in her.

My husband is fine now, thankfully, but he bled so much from places we don’t want to discuss, to the point where he had to go hospital and have a camera inserted to check things out! Not pleasant for him obviously.

We haven’t complained to Little Rascals as we don’t see the point – we’ve seen their responses to people, offering money back for the return of a puppy. WHO in their right mind is going to do that?!

The passport says “Owner P Dooley, Freshford, Co Kilkenny. Poppy’s date of birth is 1 October 2014. Microchip date is 12 November 2014, same for Rabies and Parvo-c, MAKING HER JUST 6 WEEKS OLD!!  The vet was Arthur Donald MVB, Boggan, Kilbride, Co Carlow. In the back on 4 December 2014 it’s stamped “fit for travel” and the stamp was done in Ireland. First vaccinations seem to have been done on 5 December 2014 by N.J. Williams. Orchard house.”




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