January 2018

Kimberly High:

“I reported this awful ‘breeder’ five years ago. I sadly (young and stupid) was not aware that such vile places existed. I bought my seemingly beautiful and healthy dog from them. A week later she was taken very poorly. She had a severe gastro infection where parasites were eating into her intestines. Over £1000 and many vets trips later, she made a recovery but was still never right.

I kept Little Rascals informed the whole time, they refused to help with the bills despite it being written by the vet this was an infection obviously from being kept in dirty and cramped conditions. The chances are that the rest of the pups would have been just as poorly.

I was told by Little Rascals to return with my pup for their own vet to examine her before they agreed to do anything. I arrived unannounced several days later and went straight to the staff section rather than through the customer shop.

What greeted me was around 50 tiny pups chucked into a big bucket (my son had exactly the same one for his lego!), waiting for jabs apparently. I was disgusted and the staff looked mortified I had witnessed this and tried to make their excuses.

Little Rascals wouldn’t cover the bills but offered to take Belle back and give me a new dog. Three guesses what would have happened to her! So I informed them I would rather be bankrupt through vets bills than willingly put a dog in their care.  It was just a shame I couldn’t save all the other poor dogs left in their hands.

Three years later a friend of mine went home with two puppies from Little Rascals for her daughters, complaining of the same symptoms my dog had. I told her my story and told her to get straight to the vet. Turns out her dogs had the SAME infection.

I made a stupid mistake giving these people my money, but I was oblivious such places existed… they need to be closed down! Since my complaints, and many others they have been on TV several times, HOW are they still trading!!! No animal should be left in there care 😦 they clearly don’t care about the animals and just want our money!