Kelly G

Kelly Gilbert:

“I bought my pug cross from them (Little Rascals) in March 2012. We wanted a pug and they said they had some in a different kennel, where we were not allowed to go, so the lady brought one out to us and we decided to buy him.

But even before we got home he had diarrhoea twice in the car. When we got home for a night he seemed ok, very sleepy but we didn’t think that was a concern at the time. He continued having diarrhoea with blood in it as well, so rang Little Rascals and they said to give him bland foods as he may have a stomach bug.

He then started vomiting and was so lethargic, if it wasn’t for my boyfriend doing a bit of research and taking him to the out of hours vets he would of died within days. We were told he had parvovirus and was in the vets in quarantine for 5 days on IV’s.

I think we weren’t allowed to see him at Little Rascals because they knew he was unwell so had been separated him from the other puppies.

Little rascals didn’t compensate us but our insurance did. I told Little Rascals he had parvovirus and was really unwell in the vets – they said “ok thanks for letting us know“and that’s the last we heard from them.