February 2015

Helen Smith:

“Hi, I just wanted to ask if anything can be done about this dreadful place? Surely the council cannot possibly accept that this set up is an ethical one.

I went there about five years ago, when I had no idea what they were, and I felt physically sick at what I witnessed, it upset me so much I had to come home. Pen after pen of puppies and one thing that really sticks in my mind, we were taken quite far back to look at spaniels and in one pen was a chocolate standard poodle she called Maddie, a breeding bitch. She just sat in a plastic bed with no cover, nothing and the look in that dog’s eyes I will never forget, she looked so sad and depressed.

I have never got that place out if my mind. Thank goodness I went to a reputable breeder for my spaniel who had done all the proper health tests needed”