Faadil purchased a Westie from Little Rascals on 30 July 2015 which subsequently became the subject of a Trading Standards Investigation [also see Graham] :


“I bought a Westie from Little Rascals on 30th July. When we brought her home we noticed that she was coughing and pooing blood. Things did not get better and we took her to the vet. The vet diagnosed her with having bad kennel cough and gave her antibiotics. Within five minutes of the visit we found the monster problem. The vet said that her birth date was completely wrong and that she could not be 22 weeks old. In reality she is 14 weeks old and has come in from Ireland. She was therefore vaccinated too early and her rabies vaccination would not be valid. We took proper action and went to the Trading Standards board.

I contacted the owner last night and, rude as ever, he (Edward Swindells) completely denied everything. He asked for the vet’s name and number and promised to call back after speaking to her. He never did.

My puppy is now being taken away from my wife and I to be re-vaccinated and quarantined for 21 days, all at our cost, which is basically the cost for buying her again.

How can this be allowed to happen? How much longer can we let these monsters take these puppies from horrific farms and sell them to people? They should be arrested and thrown in jail, it’s sick and wrong and no one should ever have to go through what these dogs go through, or their owners.

Little Rascals must be stopped and I urge anyone who thinks of buying a puppy there to just walk away. I hope that they get what they deserve and I will do all that I can to see that these sick disgusting individuals never do it again.

On 4 August, Faadil contacted us with an update:

“Our puppy is under house arrest now and due to go into quarantine on Thursday. We are very sad as it’s for 21 days. It’s going to cost £500-£600, which is a huge hit for us as we will really struggle to pay this money.”

Another update a few days later:

“Ok, so some good news – the council has agreed for Lacey to have her 21 days quarantine at home with us instead of going to a shelter, so she is getting her vaccine done today.”

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