Bailey was born in February 2016 and we bought him from Little Rascals in May 2016.

He was very poorly from the minute we brought him home and that first week he was fighting for his life. He had kennel cough that had turned into pneumonia.Little Rascals Puppies for Sale, Little Rascals French Bulldog puppies for sale, Little rascals brant broughton, Little Rascals swindells auctioneers, Little Rascals dogs for sale, Little Rascals sick puppies, Little Rascals Puppy farm lincoln, Little Rascals sick french bulldog puppy lincoln,

After a lot of tablets and love he pulled through and we thought we now had a healthy puppy. However, Bailey then started puppy training and the trainer noticed that his stance and the way he walked wasn’t quite right. We took him straight to the vet who performed x-rays and discovered something wasn’t right. He was then referred to a specialist who performed an MRI scan and spinal tap. 

Bailey has a fused spine with degenerating discs and compression of the spinal cord. They told us it was not possible to operate as the compression was in so many places. They said it was likely that it would get to the point where he becomes lame. At the same time as this he also had to have a nares resection [link] and soft palate surgery to help him breathe better.

More recently, Bailey has been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease which he is likely to have had since a puppy. Bailey now takes 4 different tablets twice a day and will probably have to have these for the rest of his life.

So far Bailey’s vet bill is in excess of £12000. Many people would have given up by now and I DO NOT regret getting Bailey. I am so grateful that he came to us and is living a happy life no thanks to Little Rascals. I have emailed them many times and they simply do not care. All they care about is money and do not give a damn about the welfare of their dogs!

I realise that there are many people who have got healthy puppies from Little Rascals. However, the vast majority have had severely poorly pups from them with a few even dying within weeks of bringing them home.

It’s up to people if they want to use this business but I am hoping the facts here will help them to make an informed choice.

I want to write this post in the hope it will be shared to enlighten people about the Little Rascals and hopefully prevent people from suffering the heartache that we have, but most of all prevent the harm and suffering that is coming to those poor puppies and their mums and dads.”

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