Cher Watson:

“I bought two puppies from Little Rascals. I had no idea before we arrived that it was a puppy farm.

When we arrived they were the last two girls from the litter. I only went to get one to keep my boy Basset company that I had already. I ended up buying both of them as I couldn’t face leaving either girls there. 

When I pointed out that Lily had large scabs on her head, the woman was quick to show me that Esme had a chunk out of her ear, like that was acceptable! 

I bought both as I couldn’t bare to leave the other girl there and within the first week of having them I had to take them to the vets three times and ended up taking the week off work. When I phoned Little Rascals they said to bring them back. Like I would ever take them back to that hell hole! 

They were sold to me as pure Bassets, but it’s clear as they’ve grown up that they are not, and I wondered if anyone else felt that their dog was also not a pure breed? “