Britta Martin:

“My husband and I have just met a lady on Lincoln south common with a Cockapoo pup purchased from Little Rascals. She’s absolutely heartbroken that her pup has been riddled with illness in her short life.

She’s a beautiful bundle of fluff but looks nothing like a Cockapoo. I’m comparing her to my two beautiful Cockapoo boys bought from a reputable Cockerpoo breeder.

This lady’s puppy has had kennel cough, conjunctivitis and ear infections. These are what are noticed visibly, God knows what’s going on internally! Little Rascals have apparently paid the vet bills but the owner is heartbroken with the problems her little pup has had to endure.

She said she didn’t know what the place was and had no idea it was a puppy farm. Her words were “how could I resist, I saw them and thought how cute”. We need to educate everyone and remind them to steer clear of this awful place and please do your research before buying a pup”