Anne M

It’s rare for someone to do the right thing and walk away from Little Rascals‘ premises when they’re uncomfortable with what they see and hear. On this occasion Anne and her daughter did walk away because, just like any normal person, they were shocked to see so many puppies up for sale and they refused to accept the excuses (aka lies) from a staff member that the mum was ‘temporarily’ unavailable for viewing. If more people refused to buy a puppy from this outfit, the poor excuses for humans who own Little Rascals would be out of business in no time and their equally degenerate employees would be out of a job

From Anne:

Could not recommend as there are too many puppies up for sale in the premises all the time and a staff member was quite rude when we said we wanted to go away and think about what to do, which upset me for the dogs sake because you’d think a dog breeder cares about where their dogs end up and wouldnt want anyone rushing into buying a lifetime commitment puppy.

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We visited a few months ago and live quite close but hadn’t really heard anything about them. we didn’t know anyone who had bought a dog from them and their website was nice and informative and seemed fairly professional but not too slick, which is not always a good sign.

We’re not stupid but it didn’t register with us at the time that all the puppies they had on their website were actually for sale all at the same time, I think we thought it was a representation of the breeds they sell and reading the statements on their website they seemed to be very caring breeders who wouldn’t sell a puppy to just anyone, at least that’s the experience my daughter had with breeders when she bought her two labs, so our opinion was based on the logic that if what they say about themselves is true then they wouldn’t breed so many puppies at the same time. I feel stupid now but at least I didn’t buy a puppy from them int he end.

We got a bit of a shock when we visited. The biggest thing that turned us off was different breeds of puppies all in together. The website said they were home bred so we had a picture in our heads of mums and litters together in nice warm comfy kennels. Of course we didn’t expect to see them all lounging around on fluffy chairs and sofas obviously but we didn’t expect to see different breeds without mums in kennels with sawdust or whatever it was on the floor a couple of bowls and virtually nothing else.

My daughter asked a young man if the mums could be seen and he basically said if she indicated which pup she wanted he could bring the mum out. So she asked about a little white Westie and he went away came back and said mum was being exercised. My daughter said we could wait and he said it would be some time and then the mum would be resting so couldn’t be brought out. He asked if she interested in the puppy and she said “not without seeing the mum and puppy together” He looked at her blankly, didn’t say a word and feeling awkward I said to my daughter “come on lets go home and think about this” trying to be polite as I didn’t want to appear rude, and the young man shot us a filthy look turned round and disappeared, not one word said. He walked off and spoke to another staff member, a woman ,and we could tell he’d said something about us because they both looked over at us then they both walked away. We didn’t wait around much longer, seeing the setup and the puppies all in together was sad.

I don’t really understand how anyone can go to a kennels anywhere and buy a puppy even if its one breed of dog if the mum isn’t with the puppy or nowhere to be seen and I certainly don’t understand people who go and buy from kennels where lots of different litters are there to be bought on the spot, there and then. The staff member showed no interest in us at all, no questions were asked when we arrived. I’ve been in secondhand shops with staff that show more interest that he did. Seems like he hung around us long enough to find out if we were serious buyers and when that wasn’t the case he just walked away. We were very polite and could have said something about his rude behaviour but didn’t, we just left quietly but looking back I wish now we’d said something at the time

I felt like giving one star but I’ve added one for my own stupidity. I should have done my research first instead of taking what they say on their website as gospel but also shouldn’t have even considered buying from a breeder with so many litters up for sale all at the same time.

We went back to their website after our visit and saw it with different eyes, especially the deposit feature which I don’t know how I had missed before.”