Adam Clough:

“We bought our puppy, a Pomeranian, last month, on 28 November 2015. On the 1st December we woke up to find him dead!

We were told by Little Rascals that his symptoms were due to him coming home and a change in environment.

Very upsetting for our family, when we took him back to them wrapped in a towel on the 1st December the owner (Bridgett Dickens) came down to talk to us and the way she was moving the dog’s legs and neck while he was still in my arms was DISGUSTING! She didn’t seem shocked about what she was seeing, which makes me believe they see this too often!

My puppy died of Parvovirus! Since then they have removed the advertisement of the remaining Pomeranians making me believe that sadly they have become ill too or unfortunately like my poor puppy, died. I’m disgusted, I honestly don’t know what else to say!”


What has happened to the remaining Pomeranians Adam noticed have been removed from sale?