Ethical breeding standards

Responsible, ethical dog breeders will:

  • Breed puppies entirely in their own home, not in kennels;
  • Establish suitable customers and probably have a waiting list before breeding;
  • Ensure all puppies are fully socialised;
  • Treat breeding dogs as pets, not commodities;
  • Sell only One, maximum Two breeds of dog;
  • Ask numerous questions about suitability and lifestyle;
  • Expect and welcome questions in return;
  • Ensure puppy is seen with mum and litter mates
  • Not sell to anyone on their first visit;
  • Refuse to sell to anyone they consider unsuitable;
  • Make very little profit owing to expensive care and health tests;
  • Keep in touch and genuinely welcome updates;
  • Provide legitimate, traceable ancestry paperwork;
  • Never advertise on social media or common classified sites;
  • Never sell puppies bred by anyone else.
  • NEVER ask for a deposit without meeting and approving a buyer first.

Absolutely none of the above breeding practices apply to Little Rascals. The only reason they have recently invited supporters to post testimonials is entirely due to the bad publicity and negative information which is currently damaging their reputation and therefore their profits.

But given the sheer amount of puppies they sell, and the huge number that must have been sold over the last ten years alone, character references for Little Rascals are thin on the ground, and so far very few have offered testimonials for dogs reaching mature years.