How to Complain

For complaints about any aspect of your Little Rascals puppy buying experience, the first point of contact should always be by email or letter to Little Rascals themselves. Phone calls are not recommended because you will have no proof of anything said or agreed on many occasions the staff and proprietors of Little Rascals have denied any contact has been made.Little Rascals Pet Breeders Lincoln UK, Little Rascals Dog Breeders Brant Broughton Lincoln, Little Rascals Puppies for Sale UK, Little Rascals Beagle puppies for sale, Little Rascals Parvo Virus, Little Rascals Puppies Complaints, North Kesteven Little Rascals, Trading Standards Little Rascals, Lincolnshire Trading Standards Little Rascals Dog Breeders, RSPCA Little Rascals Dog Breeders, BBC Inside Out Little Rascals,

If you have a problem with the health of your Little Rascals puppy, Swindells or Dickens may offer a refund, providing you return your puppy to them (please don’t). [Parvovirus should be reported to various authorities immediately—see PARVO]

Failing that, Little Rascals might offer to pay any excess you’re unable to claim from the insurance for your vet’s bill, but this is extremely rare and designed to stop you taking the complaint any further.

However, the reality is that your complaint is likely to be met with denial, hostility and/or accusations that you are lying. On occasions Swindells and Dickens have even threatened legal action. These are desperate and hollow threats – they can do nothing if you have proof.

It doesn’t matter what the proprietors and staff threaten or say, all buyers are within their rights to inform Little Rascals of any health issues a puppy has, either at the point of sale or within a short time after, and buyers also have the right to complain about genetic health issues which develop a long time after sale. 

Whenever you decide to complain, it is very important to make contact with Little Rascals first. Whether or not Little Rascals acknowledge your complaint (you should give them 72 hours to respond) or even if they resolve any issues, you should still please contact the local authority responsible for issuing their breeding licence – North KestevenAlso send a copy of your complaint to Lincolnshire Trading Standards, the RSPCA and your local MP (full details below).

There is a very good reason why you should not stop at just informing North Kesteven – many people have submitted complaints about Little Rascals to North Kesteven in the past and a vast majority of those complaints have been disregarded or ignored. Even the recent deaths of a whole litter of Little Rascals Beagle puppies have been overlooked by this council – we can only speculate why!

When you contact North Kesteven, it is important to also send a copy of your email to a Councillor representing the Brant Broughton district – either Sue Howe or Pat Woodman MBE, as this will ensure that the licensing department cannot ignore your complaint.

We urge you please to complain about any issues with your Little Rascals’ puppy buying experience or anything you witness at their premises which concerns you in any way – if you fail to do so, other puppies and breeding dogs will continue to suffer.

Health issues which occur immediately after sale, or within a few days, should also be reported to the RCVS if you have paperwork which shows that your puppy was seen by Little Rascals’ own vet (currently Lincs Veterinary Solutions — Mr Jeffrey Chakwenya) RCVS Complaints

How to Complain

1:  Contact Little Rascals via email at :

2.  Back up your email with direct contact via Little Rascals’ website at: Contact us – Little Rascals

Give Little Rascals 72 hours to respond to your email and website contact.

3.  Send details of your complaint (attaching copies of vet’s bills, etc) to the Licensing Department of North Kesteven District Council via email and their website at : 

4.   Email a copy of your complaint to a Councillor for Brant Broughton –

5.  Contact Lincolnshire Trading Standards (via Citizens Advice) at : Consumer Query

6.  Send details to the RSPCA (they are still gathering and accumulating evidence about Little Rascals ) at : RSPCA Contact (non emergency)

7. Send a copy of your complaint with attachments to your local MP via : Find my MP

8. If your complaint concerns Parvovirus, please pass the details to @Parvoalert