Beyond Little Rascals – The Team – “Business Customer Care Manager”

People behind the puppy factory LITTLE RASCALS PETS LTD (now Puppies at Home Limited)

Little Rascals‘ dog breeding licence may have been revoked but, once a puppy farmer, always a puppy farmer, and it’s highly unlikely they’ll stop trading in dogs altogether, legally or otherwise. 

But it’s not only Bridgett Dickens, Peter Dickens, Edward Swindells and ‘Penny’ Swindells who are responsible for the shocking treatment of dogs and puppies at Brant Broughton – the people employed by the Swindells and Dickens who have been totally complicit with everything that happens on the premises should also be held accountable…

Amy Allen – Little Rascals’ “Business Customer Care Manager”

Amy Allen has worked with Dickens and Swindells for a number of years and during that time has been totally involved with everything that occurred in the running of the dog breeding business Little Rascals Pets Limited

Amy Allen Little Rascals, Amy Allen Puppies at Home Limited, Amy Allen Paddywack Dog Walker, Little Rascals Puppies,
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Allen is not just an employee, she’s also very close friends with the proprietors and is privy to almost everything that goes on at Brant Broughton, and she’s also had a full and active role within the businesses associated with Swindells and Dickens, including their property ‘companies’.

The proprietors of Little Rascals Pets Limited and Amy Allen would have been fully aware early in 2017 that the company was in trouble (with HMRC chasing unpaid back taxes), and in October 2017 a ‘replacement company’ “Puppies at Home Limited” was registered at Companies House, with Amy Allen and June (Penny) Swindells the sole directors at the time [link] . 

Allen also played a big part in the recent court case brought by the the proprietors of Little Rascals Pets Ltd against HMRC where she and Edward Swindells tried to argue that their ‘stock‘ (dogs and puppies) in certain cases should be regarded as ‘secondhand goods’ in order for them to benefit from a tax break. During that case the lies flowed freely and are fully documented,

Amy allen Little Rascals Pets Ltd, Amy Allen Puppies at Home Limited, Amy Allen Paddywack Dog Walker,

If a case had been brought against them, the statements and claims made during that tribunal would have been fully tested by HMRC’s legal team and therefore Swindells and Allen would almost certainly have been found guilty of perjury.

In any event, they lost the case, and rightly so, because the demands they made were typically conceited and outrageous, and highlighted how they really feel about their ‘stockand their customers. In fact they’re so arrogant they didn’t care that their demands came across as appalling and shameless, despite knowing those demands would be made public.

Amy Allen has now removed any connection to Little Rascals and Puppies at Home Limited on her Facebook page and turned to dog walking, originally calling herself “Paddywack Dog Walker” (not to be confused with respectable businesses of the same name). Since this post appeared Allen has also removed that Facebook page, if she is trading under any other name it will be only a matter of time before she is discovered.

Allen stated that she ‘worked in the animal industry for over 15 years‘ (true), that she has ‘specialised in dogs of all ages‘ (true) and has a ‘great love for animals, dogs in particular (clearly not true).

Allen went on to say that she ‘understands the importance of leaving a dog with someone trustworthy‘. Well that really does NOT apply to Amy Allen, given her track record at Little Rascals—

Amy Allen Paddywack Dog Walker, Amy Allen Little Rascals, Amy Allen Newark, Amy Allen Puppies at Home Limited

Why would anyone in their right mind allow a person access to their dog who had aided and abetted puppy farmers in their sick and cruel practice?

And why would any sane person trust someone who advocated painful, unnecessary (and illegal) ear cropping and tail docking and then proudly display it all over their Facebook page?

Consider what really went on behind the scenes in the dog breeding factory at Brant Broughton and how deeply involved in all that Amy Allen was, and likely still is-

  • Numerous accounts of ex-breeding dogs with severe mental and physical health problems;
  • Puppies knowingly being sold sick to unsuspecting customers;
  • Countless complaints about sick and dying puppies;
  • Puppies purchased from business associates in Ireland, despite a change in the law;
  • A close business connection to notorious puppy farmers The Bolands and the Hamiltons;
  • Puppies (dachshunds) purchased from travellers;
  • Using a (fake) pedigree certificate company run by convicted animal abusers;
  • Accepting and promoting a testimonial from a convicted, psychopathic animal abuser.
  • Puppies and breeding dogs no longer fit for purpose ‘dispatched’ (euthanised) and not by a vet;
  • An incinerator and an employee with a shotgun licence on site and no legal requirement for the proprietors to inform the (totally inadequate, inept, perhaps even corrupt) North Kesteven Council Licensing Department how many puppies and dogs are disposed of (Edward Swindells has been recorded several times stating that dogs will be “shot“) ;

We could go on…


3 thoughts on “Beyond Little Rascals – The Team – “Business Customer Care Manager”

  1. This is so good to get this information from yourselves. But what is a council doing licensing this sort of set up.? They should be in court for blatantly flouting the law regarding the welfare conditions when giving a licence. In Wales of course this is happening all over the place. it is a scandal that should be exposed showing that the councils are just as guilty as the puppy farmers. They aid and abet cruelty.


    1. LR have been getting away with it for this long because of so called ‘failings’ in the licensing department of North Kesteven, which roughly translates into nothing less than corruption Jean. It’s a well known fact that the Swindells and Dickens have influence at Council level. When a whole litter of Beagle puppies died of Parvovirus, North Kesteven actually claimed there were no instances of Parvo on the premises, and we have that in black and white.

      Earlier this year Dickens and Swindells bought Dachshund puppies from travellers and just after that a Dachshund puppy purchased direct from Little Rascals died of parvo shortly after sale. It’s not yet known if the other puppies suffered the same fate. It absolutely stinks, North Kesteven should be held accountable along with the proprietors and all the employees.

      1. Hi

        Thank you so much for your reply.
        While Lucy’s Law is pending there is terrible suffering in Welsh puppy farms. They don’t need any more ‘debates’ and ‘consultations’. I noticed that a council in Wales stated on their website that they are getting applications for ‘home breeding’ licenses. That sounds like a good idea doesn’t it?!!
        Chancepixies should never have lost their case against N. Kestevon.
        But councils will be brought to book. Wales behave like people did in medieval times.
        We’ll see what happens.
        Thanks for sending your information. It is much appreciated.


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