Unrecorded SUPPLIERS and Another PARVO Puppy Death


We often receive messages through our Facebook page from people assuming we are Little Rascals, usually to ask about buying puppies.

But on 28 December 2017 we received messages from someone thanking “us” for buying Dachshund puppies that day

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One of the messages from Naomi Steele confirming that she and her father Hughe Steele supplied Little Rascals Pets Ltd with Dachshund puppies on 28 December 2017.

We can confirm that Naomi Steele and her father Hughe Steele (who are travellers resident in Newark, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire) are not dog breeders themselves and have no links to any registered, responsible dog breeders who could supply them with ethically bred puppies. Quite simply, Naomi and Hughe Steele are dealers, supplying Swindells and Dickens with puppies ‘off the books’.

PARVO Puppy Death

It’s unknown where the puppies supplied by Naomi and Hughe Steele came from, but we are aware that two Dachshund puppies sold by Little Rascals in January were infected with Parvovirus  as a result, at least one of those puppies died shortly after sale

Both puppies had different birth dates, in spite of being advertised by Little Rascals as a ‘litter’.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) HOTLINE for the public to report FRAUD and TAX EVASION – 0800 788 887 – Lines open between 8am and 8pm seven days a week, 365 days a year – This service replaces AND combines two separate Tax Evasion and Customs Hotlines into one – Customers can report ANY kind of tax fraud and evasion (including PAYE and National Insurance fraud, undisclosed offshore investments, tax credit fraud, failure to pay UK duty, tax evasion and VAT fraud).

Without exception, Little Rascals puppies are now advertised with ‘both parents‘ on the premises available for viewing, and that description included all recent Dachshund pups for sale.


3 thoughts on “Unrecorded SUPPLIERS and Another PARVO Puppy Death

  1. Well, there is certainly the evidence to take Little Rascals to court for at least not complying with the Trade Description Act. Also for not declaring the purchased puppies I would think, and for selling sick puppies. I hope this is not going to be another one of the many situations where it is obvious they have committed cruelty in numerous cases, have used fraudulent methods in their business dealings, and have sold sick, often dying puppies. I noticed on one website there was a notice saying to report any complaints about L Rascals. I would have thought if there isn’t enough evidence now there never will be.

    Jean (Steel)

    1. Totally agree Jean, and yes they are reported on a regular basis, if only to ensure that the complaints are logged, dated and acknowledged for future use.

      All evidence and details are also sent to BBC Watchdog and other organisations who are gathering evidence (over time) about this outfit.

      We can tell you that certain employees are also under scrutiny, which won’t come as any surprise to those of you who follow Little Rascals’ business dealings regularly, because anyone who remains employed by that establishment cannot possibly have the morals and ethics of a normal person. That said, we can tell you that certain employees have good reason to work with employers of the same mindset.

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