Little Rascals EX-BREEDING Dogs – Angela

Angela adopted an ex-breeding bitch from a local rescue, and this is her account:

“I adopted a dog from a local rescue, one of Little Rascals ex-breeding bitches.

The appeal by the rescue for a home for her described her as in ‘poor condition’. The veterinary nurse described her as ‘having an awful life so far’.

The day following her release from Little Rascals she was taken to a vet as she needed urgent veterinary treatment for badly infected ears – so badly infected that one of her ear canals has been permanently damaged.

She had swollen, infected legs and eye problems, which have subsequently resulted in the removal of one of her eyes.

She was underweight, with a short, thin dry coat which was full of dandruff, causing her to scratch continuously. On top of this she also still had milk so she had not long before been feeding puppies.

None of those health conditions had happened overnight. She had obviously been like that for weeks, if not months, so had clearly still been mated and had raised puppies despite been ill herself.

On top of the physical issues, there are the psychological issues. It was clear she had never been for a walk, refusing to go more than a yard or two from the door. She paced like a zoo animal kept in inappropriate surroundings without mental or physical stimulation. She was terrified of loud male voices, the stamping or scuffing of feet and metallic noises, including the tag on her collar touching her food/water bowl. The tag had to be removed otherwise she refused to eat and drink.

The fear is so deeply held that two years on and she can still be reduced to cowering on the floor if someone who she doesn’t know shouts or stamps their feet, and sadly she isn’t the worst case of an ex-breeding dog from this place that I know of.

So before you go to buy your little bundle of fluff from this place, stop and think, because by doing so you are condemning its poor parents to years of suffering ,churning out puppies to line the owner’s pockets.

To my knowledge Little Rascals do not health screen their dogs for hereditary problems, hip dysplasia etc. If you really must have a puppy then go to a reputable breeder, someone who health screens their dogs prior to breeding, someone who doesn’t breed more than one possibly two breeds, someone who is more than happy to show you the puppy interacting with its parents, someone who is concerned about who their puppy is going to, someone who may add you to a waiting list. Yes, you may have to wait, but if it is the dog you really want, the wait is worth it.

Please think about adopting a dog from a rescue, there are thousands of dogs sitting in rescue looking for loving homes.

Before Little Rascal claim this is a fake review as they usually do, I would like to remind them that I have emails from them to prove differently and, as they always say they “always reply to emails”, perhaps they can explain why, when I have supplied them with my dog’s microchip number, they have refused to supply me with her date of birth and forward her medical records from the time she was with them to her current vets. Something to hide perhaps? Or perhaps there is nothing to hide because the records don’t exist because she never saw a vet!”

Little Rascals responded to Angela claiming their kennels are inspected for the purpose of their breeding licence and that they ‘undergo a number of inspections by both the local authority, RSPCA, VMD to name just a few‘. Strange then that so many authorities have missed signs of stress and illness in breeding dogs. 

However, what they don’t say is that they have been cautioned about unacceptable dog breeding practices.

As Angela pointed out:

“The 2016 inspection report shows the Breeding of Dogs Act 1973 had been breached as follows:

Little Rascals mated 10 bitches under the age of 1 year (so still puppies themselves) and Little Rascals bred 10 bitches that gave birth in the 12 month period since previously giving birth, which was “a significant contravention of this licence requirement” in both instances.

The vet wrote there is a less than satisfactory attitude towards the dog welfare in an individual basis. The apparent staffing levels do not appear adequate to provide the level of individual care needed”. She felt there were too many dogs on site and had previously been informed bitches with pups are not exercised at all from the time they are separated before whelping and until the pups are weaned.”

It isn’t known what happens to the majority of breeding dogs which are no longer fit for Little Rascals’ purpose. Although some end up at a local Lincolnshire dog rescue, others are obviously not so lucky. Edward Swindells has, on several occasions, referred to taking a dog ‘round the back and shooting it‘, and that includes puppies that don’t sell, becoming a financial burden as they grow, eating into profits. (yes Mr Swindells, we have screenshots of your comments!).

There is no legal requirement for licensed dog breeders to tell the licensing authority when puppies and dogs either die of natural causes or are disposed of, one way or another.

There is also no legal requirement for Little Rascals to allow inspectors from the local authority, RSPCA or an independent vet (via the VMD  – Veterinary Medicines Directorate) access to parts of the property that Swindells and Dickens have not DECLARED as being part of their dog breeding business.

The ex-breeding bitches, stud dogs and unsold puppies that are lucky enough to make it to the local rescue are too often traumatised, mentally and physically and may never recover from their ordeal.

Have a heart, think of the breeding parents. You are not rescuing a puppy,  you are condemning the breeding parents to a life of misery and pain.

Have a heart

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