Fake Google Reviews

Google reviews are important to any business and, as they’re usually the first thing you see when searchiLittle Rascals Pets Ltd, Little Rascals Dog Breeders UK, Little Rascals puppies for sale, Penny Swindells Little Rascals, Bridgett Dickens Little Rascals, Edward Swindells Little Rascals, Peter Dickens Little Rascals, Amy Allen Little Rascals, Catalin Banghea Little Rascals, Kayleigh Wragg Little Rascals, Beagle Puppy Deaths Little Rascals, Bolands Puppy Farmers, Canine Breeders Ireland,ng a business or company name, negative reviews can be very damaging.

Swindells and Dickens know this of course, so they (and some equally dishonest employees) invent their own 5 star reviews.

At the time of writing, there are 23 known fake 5 star Google reviews for Little Rascals, possibly more. They include:

  • Joshua and Mia ADAMS
  • James ALBON
  • Irene GARCIA
  • Lewis GREEN
  • Jane GUY
  • David HADDOCK
  • Simon HORWOOD
  • KAYDEN Group (based in Australia)
  • Rebecca KING
  • A LEAR
  • Lucy LITTLE
  • Patricia MARRIOTT
  • Lucy MARSDEN (former Little Rascals’ employee)
  • Jess O’BRIEN
  • Bryan PUMA
  • Jack SMITH
  • Ian STOKES
  • Anne TEMPEST
  • Helen TUFF

Not one of the above names appears on Little Rascals’ facebook pages.

Once again we urge potential customers of Little Rascals to read all the Google reviews, good, bad or neutral, but also do thorough research before deciding whether or not to buy a puppy from them. Stick to the responsible way of buying a puppy and you should be able to tick all of the following boxes.

The responsible way to buy a puppy (when a buyer actually cares about the breeding parents):

You’ll ask Little Rascals the following questions (and they will be more than happy to answer):

  • Did they breed the puppy? If not, is the puppy imported and does he/she come with an EU Pet Passport?
  • If imported, will they give details of original breeder? If not, walk away.
  • How many puppies are/were in the litter?
  • Have the puppies or their parents had any health problems?
  • Have the parents been screened for any inherited problems known to be a problem in that breed?

You will:

  • See mum and puppies together, INTERACTING in a relaxing and comforting environment;
  • Be able to see that puppies’ mum is healthy, bright, active and obviously very well socialised;
  • See the father of the puppies who will also be healthy, bright, active and well socialised;
  • Be assured that if you buy a puppy you will receive genuine certificates showing that screening for problem diseases, vaccination and microchipping has been done.

And you can expect Little Rascals to:

  • quiz you about your lifestyle and suitability and expect you to ask lots of questions in return;
  • reserve the right to refuse a sale if they consider you unsuitable
  • NOT sell to you on your first visit
  • NOT have multiple breeds of puppies for sale
  • NOT have puppies of different breeds all lumped together in an enclosure
  • Show you around the whole breeding establishment

If you could tick all the above then you would have found yourself a responsible and decent breeder who cares about their dogs. But of course this is Little Rascals (Swindells and Dickens) we’re talking about, so none of the above applies.

If you do visit Little Rascals and then realise you can’t tick any or few of the above and you decide to walk away, then you are a responsible, decent human being.





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