” We bought a lovely little Beagle puppy from Little Rascals but she quickly became very ill and needed to be hospitalised with severe vomiting and diarrhoea (passing lots of blood both ways). Our vets did all they could to keep her hydrated and manage her pain but we had to let her go.

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Female Beagle puppy purchased from Little Rascals Pets Ltd, Lincoln. She died shortly after sale.

Little Rascals couldn’t care less. They told me blatant lies (they told me they had contacted the other owners of the litter and claimed none had any problems!).

They verbally abused me over the phone for daring to find the owners of the rest of the litter (Edward Swindells was literally screaming at me down the phone).

I discovered that two of her litter mates also died of the same symptoms [link].

Little Rascals‘ attitude to me was basically  –how dare I try to find a diagnosis and warn other new owners that their pups might be very ill and to get them straight to the vets at the first sign of symptoms, but they continued selling puppies whilst being fully aware there was a serious issue.

Avoid this place at all costs. It may seem cheap and you can get your puppy fast but the heartache you’re potentially letting yourself in for isn’t worth it.

You might think you’re ‘saving’ these puppies from the farm but by funding Little Rascals all you are doing is supporting the suffering of all of the litters to come, and there will be plenty if people like us keep supporting them.

They have so many dogs on site, the puppies aren’t kept with their mums so God knows what state the breeding bitches are in as you don’t get to see them.

Our vet bill was in the thousands for a dog we enjoyed at home for a couple of days. If you really care about animals and want to be a responsible dog owner, then avoid puppy farms like this.

I have no doubt that Little Rascals will come back accusing me of making things up but I have all of my email correspondence with them and the other owners.

If this had been dealt with responsibly and professionally I would not be writing this testimonial, as I appreciate that illness etc happens occasionally and can’t always be prevented, but their lack of responsibility and bad behaviour throughout our whole ordeal makes me want to warn others.


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