Emily Louise Moreton needs help. Could we ask that you please share her message:


I am currently in the process of taking Little Rascals Pets Ltd to court and would like to hear from anyone who has had a bad experience with them. Whether it’s the service you received or a poorly puppy. It would really help to support my case.

Thank you in advance🐶🐶 Emily


If you can help, please contact Emily direct or via our Facebook page. Many thanks.

Little Rascals Call 01522 789191 for more information on our loving puppies or visit Viewings are welcomed and without appointment. Our viewing times are 9am-6pm weekdays and 9am-5pm weekends. #puppies #puppiesforsale #puppiesforsalenearme #pups #pup#puppiesforsalelincolnshire #puppiesforsalenottinghamshire#puppiesforsaleleicestershire #puppiesforsalelondon #puppiesforsalekent#puppiesforsalescotland #puppies for sale #puppies for sale Scotland #puppies for sale Glasgow #puppies for sale in kent #puppies for sale near me #puppies for sale in essex #puppies for sale Manchester #puppies #puppies and babies #puppies and dogs #puppies Aberdeenshire #puppies and dogs for sale #puppies barking #puppies Bristol #puppies Birmingham #puppies Belfast #puppies breeds #puppies cornwall #puppies Cardiff #puppies cumbria #puppies Cheshire #puppies Cambridge #puppies devon #puppies dorset #puppies dogs #puppies Dundee #puppies Derbyshire #puppies derby #puppies Doncaster #puppies Edinburgh #puppies essex #puppies east sussex #puppies Exeter #puppies Eastbourne #puppies east Yorkshire #puppies hull #puppies Hertfordshire #puppies Huddersfield #puppies hastings #puppies Hereford #puppies in kent
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